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Quality Certification

TAS PowerTek's reputation for innovative technology has been an outcome of attention to detail and a structured process in product development.

Key Components for Power Factor Solutions

Technical innovation and engineering excellence form the hallmark of all the products we manufacture. Each device passes through a set of stringent quality standards put down by our 'Quality Excellence' division. Our products are designed to deliver under the most demanding conditions and have been largely accepted by the majors in the industry.

TAS PowerTek offers a range of Contactorised Power Factor Controllers-APFC Relays to improve the power distribution quality in the industrial, residential and agricultural sector. Our range of switches enables the consumer to develop cost effective and maintenance friendly Power Factor Correction system

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TSCI/TSCC is an Intelligent, Micro-Controller based Unit, specifically suited for Capacitor Bank Switching in Automatic Power Factor Control Schemes, in a Three-Phase System. TSCI/TSCC uses the Solid-State Semiconductor Technology of SCRs (Thyristors) for AC Power On/Off Control of 3-phase Power Capacitors.

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Load Managers are devices useful for data logging. Load Managers have accurate electrical power measurement capability compatible with Class I measurement accuracy. Load Managers support large memory and allows configuration of different data parameters to be recorded.

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